The strategic alliance between Global Geophysical and Open Ground Resources allows for the sharing of resources such as equipment & people between the companies to allow for a cost-effective and no-nonsense approach to geophysics. Open Ground Resources provides a highly specialized service using the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technique while Global Geophysical uses other geophysical techniques for ground investigations. Both companies share the same vision and mission and are practically indistinguishable to the CLIENT in terms of the quality of geophysical services and project deliverables.

Why use Open Ground Resources and Global Geophysical?

We are committed to provide clients with accurate and cost-effective geophysical solutions by using site-appropriate geophysical techniques. We offer more than a decade of experience and utilize a wide range of geophysical techniques to solve subsurface problems. We work closely with the client to ensure that the benefits and limitations of the geophysical investigation are fully understood. This process is essential to minimize interpretation risks and to add maximum value to projects using geophysical information.

Our Mission

Improved site characterization by provision of accurate and cost-effective geophysical solutions using site-appropriate geophysical techniques.

Our Vision

To become a preferred provider of geophysical solutions through innovative and sound application of geophysics.